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Valentine’s Day Look: 3 Date Night Outfits

Valentine’s Day Look: 3 Date Night Outfits

For some people Valentine’s Day it’s a normal day like the other ones…For others, it’s a romantic day that will spend with their relationship…And they probably have already arranged a date on this specific day. Here comes the big question for the girls…What should I wear? Don’t panic…We have 3 beautiful outfits to propose to you which are both chic and sexy!

If you go to a movie…

This plan needs of something cozy to wear so that you will be comfortable. You could wear your favorite leggings together with a knitted top. It is a look that gives you style and confidence!

Knitted Top knitted-top-grey-front

top-knitted-ewith-stripes-black-front top-knitted-with-stripes-grey-front

If you go to an intimate dinner…

For the dinner plan, we have to propose you a sexy but classy look that gives you elegance. You could wear a lingerie top, with ankle pants and of course a blazer on top! The look should be combined with high heels for ultimate style.

lingerie-top-with-lace-details-pink-up lingerie-top-lace-details-black-up

pants_closeup blazer-black

If you are staying in…

This is our favorite plan! Open a bottle of wine, order your favorite food and watch a romantic movie seems to be the perfect date. Since you are going to stay in, a cozy and not formal outfit is required. For this occasion, we propose you to wear a skirt and a flirty top. Get inspired from the outfits below…

skirt-with-zipper skirt-with-embroidery-details

skirt-embroidery-details filet-skirt-pleat


Despite what you are going to wear, we wishing you to have a great and full of passion date with your loved one!

How to wear jumpsuits header

How To Wear Jumpsuits

The most amazing thing about jumpsuits, is that one piece of clothes can be an outstanding #outfit, just like a dress! They are all over around us, however, most women are a little bit afraid of trying them on. There is the risk to make you look shorter or wider, but with the following tips you will have a sophisticated and feminine look! Take off your notebook and start taking notes ?…


#1 Find the perfect fit for your body

Finding a jumpsuit that fits your body perfectly is difficult. The key is to try NOT wearing something too tight or too loose. If you wear a jumpsuit that’s too tight, you may feel uncomfortable. If you wear a jumpsuit that is too loose, you will completely lose your shape, and the jumpsuit will overwhelm your body. By defining your waist you will have a more feminine look… you can look pretty chic with a belt or a jacket around your waist. Moreover, below you can see our jumpsuit with lace details that is perfect for almost all body shapes!

Jumpsuit with lace details front Jumpsuit with lace details back

#2 Pair it with a blazer

The blazer is perfect for those who wear a jumpsuit for the 1st time! It will help you feel more comfortable! It adds layers to the outfit and make it more interesting. When selscting a blazer or even a jacket you have to think of the occasion first. You have a lot of options then! You can combine it with same colors or even contrasting them like we choose it for you below! If you wear a colorful jumpsuit you should wear it with a simple blazer. But when you wear a colorless jumpsuit, you can mix things up with a colorful jacket!


#3 Choose the perfect shoes

If you choose to wear a bell bottomed jumpsuit then you have only one option like the left picture below…skinny heels…This way you don’t look short and you gain even more hight! However, jumpsuits are a prefect outfit for every day if you wear the correct shoes! Boots are the perfect solution for some occasions, like going out for a coffee or even going to work, like the second picture!

jumpsuit with open shoulders  Jumpsuit with stripes and zipper on side

Overall, we have to state that jumpsuits can give you style effortless and you can find amazing pieces from our collection!

jumpsuits in Thessaloniki's Port Photoshooting

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