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Valentine’s Day Look: 3 Date Night Outfits

Valentine’s Day Look: 3 Date Night Outfits

For some people Valentine’s Day it’s a normal day like the other ones…For others, it’s a romantic day that will spend with their relationship…And they probably have already arranged a date on this specific day. Here comes the big question for the girls…What should I wear? Don’t panic…We have 3 beautiful outfits to propose to you which are both chic and sexy!

If you go to a movie…

This plan needs of something cozy to wear so that you will be comfortable. You could wear your favorite leggings together with a knitted top. It is a look that gives you style and confidence!

Knitted Top knitted-top-grey-front

top-knitted-ewith-stripes-black-front top-knitted-with-stripes-grey-front

If you go to an intimate dinner…

For the dinner plan, we have to propose you a sexy but classy look that gives you elegance. You could wear a lingerie top, with ankle pants and of course a blazer on top! The look should be combined with high heels for ultimate style.

lingerie-top-with-lace-details-pink-up lingerie-top-lace-details-black-up

pants_closeup blazer-black

If you are staying in…

This is our favorite plan! Open a bottle of wine, order your favorite food and watch a romantic movie seems to be the perfect date. Since you are going to stay in, a cozy and not formal outfit is required. For this occasion, we propose you to wear a skirt and a flirty top. Get inspired from the outfits below…

skirt-with-zipper skirt-with-embroidery-details

skirt-embroidery-details filet-skirt-pleat


Despite what you are going to wear, we wishing you to have a great and full of passion date with your loved one!

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